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LeaderSenseEQour cutting edge equine facilitated leadership development program, is internationally-licensed by HorseDreamUSA®. We engage participants in immersive experiences rooted in the recognition that all things are intimately interconnected and explicable only in reference to the whole, a concept key to successful leadership and paramount to inclusive excellence. Our approach, though not yet widely used in leadership education in the United States, is commonplace and has been implemented for over 20 years in many other countries in the world (i.e. Spain, Mexico, Israel, Canada, Germany, and Austria, to name a few) and within all different types of organizations.

Through interaction with the horses and one another, participants explore topics deeply connected to leadership including self-awareness, communication, trust, respect, responsibility, honesty, integrity, and goal achievement. This exploration creates perspective broadening, game changing leadership transformation. In the serenity of nature, far removed from the hustle and bustle of city and corporate life, participants have a unique opportunity to reflect on their leadership style, reconnect with their true nature within, and transform into powerful, effective leaders. 

Art of LeaderSense - 1 Day

​Leadership and career are inter-related. It is a big leap from being a manager, senior manager, vice president to board member. Do you want to know what people think of your leadership style? How are you perceived? What signals do you send out unconsciously? Using the principles of experiential learning, we will lead you through hands-on exercises that explore:

  • Leading positions and leadership styles

  • The comfort zone of your employees

  • Public, social/business, personal and intimate distances

  • Communication without a mask

  • 360-degree feedback and the meta-feedback of horses

Honing a Unified Team - 1-Day

This program is designed once we understand the goals of the group for this experience. Our typical 2-day program for teams explores individual leadership styles and how that contributes to the team, team roles, effective collaboration and builds the bonds of the group or team through a series of amazing equine experiences.

Equine Immersion Experience - Multi-Day

Over the course of 2-3 days, this program takes participants on a journey that enables leadership principles such as presence, capability, power, intuition and inclusion to grow and integrate into their being. Participants experience a transformation over this period of time as they bond with each other and examine their image with equine guidance.  They deepen their understanding of who they are and how that is reflected in their work, partnerships, collaborations, community and family. They will improve alignment and coherence between their inner voice and their external presence. They go deep into a discovery of what they want and need to be whole and complete in their lives and how they manifest this at work.

Executive Coaching

Our cadre of certified executive coaches and consultants are hands down the best. We are well-tenured, deeply experienced in all facets of work and personal needs, and have proven success in diverse areas of expertise. We also pride ourselves on staying abreast of proven, leading-edge methodologies that support leaders in effectively building key competencies and delivering top results consistently and over time. 


Moreover, we treat each client as our most important engagement. We are present, supportive, rigorous and accountable as partners to help each client reach their personal and professional goals. You will never be disappointed using our incredible team to staff your coaching needs. 

Women's Empowerment

We have a deep passion and commitment to support women in bringing their whole selves to their careers to achieve excellence and be the most satisfied and proud of their work as they can. To that end, we’ve focused our work on tailoring experiences and programs that directly support women as they hone their passion and deliver their work in the most engaging, successful ways within their companies.


Through a variety of programs from women’s affinity groups within companies to executive leadership forums for women at the highest echelons of the company, we have systems and tools to maximize every women’s growth to her fullest potential. Happy women, happy workplace.

Building Winning Teams

A clear shared vision, mutual trust and respect, great communication and heartful commitment to each other are all hallmarks of winning teams. These teams lead their organizations to the highest most satisfying levels of performance. We work collaboratively to position teams to rock their work, achieve winning goals, and reinforce their commitment to stay at the organization and help it grow.


Every team will experience growing pains at some point in their life cycle. We artfully help teams navigate unchartered territory, have the difficult conversations that identify and unpack individual and group factors getting in the way of success and offer practical solutions that optimize harmony and nail business results.


Inclusive Leadership Excellence

Increased globalization, technological innovations and demographic shifts are just a few of the various mega-trends influencing why inclusion is quickly becoming one of the most critical competencies for 21st Century leaders to cultivate. Inclusive leaders have a unique ability to drive organizational growth through effectively leveraging diverse ways of thinking, being, relating and problem solving. Their distinctive approach to galvanizing talent exponentially optimizes bottom-line results because individual contributions and group collaborations are encouraged and supported in a manner that breeds innovation.


Our Inclusive Leadership Excellence programs are designed to address key tenants of this competency: Self-Awareness & Emotional Intelligence, Cultural & Environmental Agility and Commitment to Innovative & Courageous Action. 

Retreats, Workshops & Meetings

Make your next workshop or retreat the best you’ve ever delivered. We use leading (or bleeding) edge tools for an experience they won’t forget. Use one of our incredible resources to create the most impactful, amazing, transformative experiences for your group. Regardless of your goals, using someone from our team of consultants you will exceed your clients’ expectations.


We don’t use the same ol’ binders of endlessly boring stuff to sort through. We consistently design spot-on sessions that clients leave feeling inspired, open, energized and motivated. We specialize in innovative concepts and work principles such as:

  • Emotional Intelligence

  • Executive Presence

  • Communication for Impact

  • Equine Assisted Learning and Development

  • Mindful Leadership 

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