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Saara Robles 
Executive Leadership Coach & Consultant

Saara is an accomplished executive coach. For the last 20+ years, she has coached executive men and women from a wide variety of backgrounds who share a commitment to deepening self-knowledge, leveraging personal strengths, and furthering professional growth. Her systemic approach enables individuals to concurrently attend to their personal development while building their successful teams and leading effectively within a larger organizational context. 

Saara has a specific passion for the success of executive women. Women often have unique leadership challenges and Saara has created models based upon years of coaching women leaders that focuses on women’s success in executive environments of all kinds.

Saara designs and uses the latest holistic models and tools to understand a leaders deepest desires and goals while understanding the organization’s change readiness and works at the individual, group and organizational levels for sustainable, satisfying change.

She is certified in: PDI 360 Executive and Leadership Assessments; Korn Ferry’s Executive Assessment Tools, Myers-Briggs Instrument; Interaction Associates Leadership, Teams and Facilitation Education; DDI Teams Training and holds a Professional Coaching Certification from New Ventures West.

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